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Variator for small lathe

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Hi Bill,

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It's hard to tell from the CAD views but I can't see how the pressure is applied between the 2 large disks in this concept. On a Kopp variator, a higher input torque results in a greater compression of the input / output cones, drive balls and containment ring. Equally, I'm not sure how well a rubber face would survive. Kopps use plain (hardened and ground) steel surfaces. Hopefully Phil has the answer for you!

Pressure is set by adjusting the depth of the two side bearing blocks (by either shims or a set of screws pushing the bearings inwards - design is still in flux) . I did consider other designs that would regulate tractor force, notably a cone/ring design , but it wasn't particularly compact.

I'm aware that all commercial variators tend to use hardened surfaces , but that is not really doable in the home shop hence using rubber facing .

I'm calculating /hoping that the traction beats torque, for most operations of a small lathe  at high speeds.

I may well end up with something from Phil :⁠-⁠)  but I have an attraction for making this thing anyway

Have you checked on how a variator works on Google, as small scooters have compact units and are available cheaply from places online.
May well be the start of a solution ...lyn.


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