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Yup, junk. Sold as replacement parts by antique tractor suppliers here. This is a 71 year old tractor. Not a lot of demand for specialized old fashioned parts, like non-solenoid starter switches specific to a '51 Deere.

Yup, full starter current.

The original part doesn't look much better.

I'm going to mod the new one: superglue to trap the stud, tighten gently, and slot the mounting holes. I need to move that tractor, now, get the mower off of it, and move the splitter down into position. Days are getting shorter. and colder here and this is Vermont.

(Edit for earlier post: it was Delco 10si alternators, not "S10" which confuses it with a Chevy truck type.)

Tractor started and running, and moved. Done.

The tractor has been starting and running great since the water incident. The starter switch works fine, I'm not sure how long it will last since it seemed to have smaller contacts, but for now it starts. And it also has a lighter return spring so I don't have to yank on it as hard as I used to.

I've cut and split about 6 face cords of firewood since. I need a couple more and probably will get them just in time, since the ground is getting softer with the recent rains. It will be too soft to drag through the woods on the hills soon before frost hardens the ground up again.


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