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Shower pump repair

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When I've done this in the past I've set the kiln to 100 C and let it reach set point and switch it off. Inevitably it will have over shot to about 110 or 120 at that point. Only then do I put the painted items in and let the hole lot cool back to ambient (usually over night)

I last used this trick on bits of the panel work of the tool turret on my Beaver CNC lathe and it worked well but as you say, too hot and it'll blister - after all hot air paint strippers work this way !


Got to ask  - Have you ever been tempted to use the kiln for heat resting eg gauge plate or tooling ? I make some carbon steel hook tools etc for green wood working and have been thinking about a small kiln as SWMBO might not be too impressed at her oven being pressed into service .

Iíve only ever used it for lost wax burn out and accelerating paint drying. Iirc itís 15 kw maybe 18kw and these days I think carefully about turning on expensive loads like that.


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