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Shower pump repair

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It's been a good while since I posted anything, so here goes. A small repair.

My neighbour's 24yo Stuart Turner shower booster pump packed up and I was asked if I wanted the old unit. Stupid question  :loco:
I suppose after 24 years it should have been laid to rest, but it seemed too good to junk.

It transpires that there is a shuttle valve in the pressure vessel that allows the pump to run-on until sufficient pressure is built up to switch it off. This is what was not happening. Looking at the shuttle I think that you'll see why.

Not only had it started to crumble away, but the O-ring was hard and deformed.
Hunting around the workshop I found a piece of Delrin, originally bought to make a new handle for my mill, and the offcut was just about the right OD to attempt remanufacture of a replacement, and a search in my O-ring stocks found something that should "Do the job."

I guesstimated most of the dimensions and got the point, after some lathe work, of machining the legs.
This all went swimmingly until I forgot which way I was turning the rotary table, and promptly removed one of the legs instead of the waste material between them. Of course, it was the last of the three...  :doh:

Attempt No.2 didn't get quite as far since I got a little too blase with the depth of cut and promptly snapped off a leg. Fortunately it was the second leg this time, so definitely improving  :scratch:

Attempt No.3, well, what can I say? It doesn't look the prettiest of jobs, but it fits and, once I'd cobbled together some fittings and a reservoir, found that it's functional. I needed the reservoir since I discovered that it's a negative head pump and will not work under mains pressure.

If anyone has need of a negative head booster pump I have one. It's of no use to me since I run mains pressure everywhere  :(

Nice repair Graham, sorry about the difficulties along the way but you triumphed  :clap:

Stuart Turner are pretty good with spare parts even for ancient stuff and for most pumps they do spares kits. Good solidly made stuff until they decide to 'off shore' production.

But who needs spares when you have a workshop !
Thanks Andrew. Not quite up to the standard of your work, but functional, nonetheless.  Hiccoughs along the way are all a part of the fun, are they not?  :bang:

You're too quick to praise Graham  :palm:

Examples - the two holes I blew into that Hodge Clemco pot lid while welding and the fact that over 24 hours later I'm still waiting for the first top coat to dry, mid it has been pretty cold in the welding shop. Much longer and I'll pop it in the kiln to bake at a low temperature  - that'll teach it !


--- Quote from: awemawson on September 29, 2022, 11:41:01 AM ---Much longer and I'll pop it in the kiln to bake at a low temperature  - that'll teach it !

--- End quote ---

Careful with the temperature, too hot and it'll blister - which'll teach you instead.



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