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MRAC Connectors?


Pete W.:
I guess this thread is primarily aimed at UK members.

While sorting out my 'stash', I have surfaced a non-trivial quantity of contact inserts for MRAC cnnectors (should there be a hyphen in there somewhere?).  There are both male and female inserts and I believe that they are all size 16.  I'm currently searching the net for catalogue data.

It is at least three decades since I was actively involved in the electronics industry and even more than that since I was involved with equipment design and component selection.  So, here are my questions:

Are MRAC connectors still a currently used range?  Or are the contact inserts I have merely gold-bearing scrap?

Post a picture Pete and we may recognise them.

I found this :

Pete W.:
Thank you for that link, Andrew,

I tried a web search but didn't find anything that good.

I posed my original question to a contact who is mid-career as an avionics engineer - his response was to send me a link to the precious metal recyclers he uses when needed!!!!

The big irony was that their address is just down the road from where I was last employed, miles away from where I live now.  Shipping would probably render such a deal profitless!!

Then there are the 400-ish dead 3" hard drives I still have.  They're what's left of an original eBy job-lot of 1000+ !!  I was dismantling them a few at a time and weighing in their chunky bits locally.  However, that's a labour-intensive pursuit and, having reached the ripe old age of 85, I realised there are better ways of spending my time.

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