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Has anyone got the instruction sheet for an Eclipse No. 39 drill sharpener? If so I'd appreciate a scan.

(Before anyone tells me that the instructions are in the photo - the photo was pinched off eBay!)



Message the seller and beg a copy. I've done this a few times and have always had a positive ressponse.

Thanks Andrew,

I've just messaged the seller via eBay.

[Edit: The seller is happy to send me a photo of the instructions. When it arrives I'll post it in case anyone else ever needs a copy.]




Sorry but I couldn't find any illustrations but I did find text instructions.

Remove small chrome plated screw from strut. Assemble struct
into body. Fit screw and tighten up.

Instruction for use
1 Hold strut with V channel uppermost.

2 Release back stop and slide to end of strut

3 Loosen drill clamping screw

4 Insert dril into V strut with point away from back stop. Hold drill
in V with thumb. Upturn sharpener to bring drill point into view, align
one cutting edge parallel to and flush with front gauge, which is
adjustable for different drill size.

5 Lightly tighten drill clamping screw

6 Swing aside back stop shim and slide back stop into contact with
the drill shank and tighten

7 Swing shim back into V. This will advance drill the required amount
for sharpening.

8 Check that the drill is still correctly aligned with front gauge and
fully tighten drill clamping screw

9 With one hand hold sharpener between thunmb and finger in side
recesses and with the other hand hold abrasive paper on a smooth flat

10 Roll sharpener up and down the full lenght of the abrasive paper
until cutting ceases

11 Fully release drill clamping screw rotate drill 180 and align second
cutting edge with front gauge

12 Ensure drill shank is in contact with back stop shim and tighen
drill clamp screw.

13 Repeat sharpening action

14 If drill is not completely sharpened, repeat from 6

(a) use whole surface of abrasive paper
(b) do no allow wheels to slide
(c) For speed of sharpening we suggest 100 grit Aluminium Oxide
(Aloxite) paper

I hope that helps a bit?



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