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Hello from God's own country.

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Proud Saxon:
Hi all,

Quick intro as this is my 1st post. Name's Shamus from East Yorkshire and after a life with motorcycles I hung up my leathers last year and put that time into a new hobby. Had a mini lathe for a while but wanted to branch out in machines and hopefully learn something new. One thing I insisted on was that the machines and equipment I got was British made from back in a time when we made quality items.

First item bought was an AEW Viceroy vertical milling machine. It was fully stripped, some improvements made and a DRO fitted. Next was a Viceroy TDS 1/2 PCS lathe. Came without change gears so first job was to make the missing gears and also a thread indicator on the leadscrew. Last week came an old Churchill NB Surface Grinder of which needs a full strip and re-build. I've been searching for a manual and parts diagram without luck. Lathes .co.uk sell one, expensive and doesn't cover the early model that mine is and Churchill seem unable to reply to any requests for info relating to the grinder. So if any one knows where I can get the manual for my model or the later one on pdf it would be appreciated.


Welcome aboard Shamus. I see from your other post that you have some good British iron to play with, sorting the grinder will be interesting. Donít forget to start a thread about it and keep us informed.

hello everyone, how are you doing?

HI and welcume

Hi Shamus, I am also in east Yorkshire, near Driffield!


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