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For the lathe, there are only 3 leads going into the motor windings, that's what's thrown us for a loop.  The diagram inside the lathe motor junction box shows us how to connect the lathe motor in either a delta, or a wye configuration - but no mention of voltage.  Unless that is what the Chinese characters are trying to tell us, but that's not very helpful.  The lathe's control transformer still has it's ID tag so we were able to determine how to rewire it to a 460V primary.

The mill's control transformer is the one with the missing ID tag, and it has at least 8 tap connections on it.  They are numbered, but without the tag we've got no clue how they are inter-connected.  Or how they should be re-connected to configure the mill for 460V.  The mill's motor does have the normal number of leads coming out of the windings, AND a connection diagram in English, so we could easily re-wire it to 460V.

The Hammond factory had a 460V primary - 230V secondary 15KVA 3 phase transformer on the shelf, which is more than big enough for the combined 5HP of these two machines.  So we got it and are currently installing it, that way we can get the machine shop back in operation ASAP.

But I'd still like to know how to be able to hook these machines directly up to 460V.


John Rudd:
If there are three leads going into the box, then it sounds like it’s wired in Star for HV, the Star point would need to be brought out and the ends separated to connect it in Delta ( that would be 6 leads…)  that would be the LV option….but that’s not how it’s running at the moment is it?

You might have to swap out the motor for a proper 460V job….and the mill….a proper 460 V control transformer….as there’s no supporting docs for wiring…

Best of luck… :zap: :zap:

If you photograph the Chinese text you can use Google Translate to decode it

Worked quite well when I had a vaguely similar problem

Replacing the motor on the lathe, and the control transformer on the mill will probably be what happens the next time either of them gets relocated.  We know the lathe motor is 2Hp, but we couldn't find any frame information - might just have to guess at that. 

The mill's control transformer is kind of specialized with both a 110V, and a 24V secondary.  That would be a long lead-time item, so I'm looking into 2 transformers - a 460V/110V and a 110V/24V.  (I could get them overnight if I wanted.)  The existing control transformer is about the right physical size to be a 1KVA transformer, which would be more than big enough for the controls of that machine.  But I'm not sure what all is on the 110V side and what's on the 24V side.  They are separately fused, but they are both fused at 10A so that doesn't help a lot.  I know the DRO is 110V, and the mill's got power feeds on X&Y, and they've got one that's still in the box for the quill.  I haven't checked on them yet, but they're just little pancake motors so they could go either way - 110V or 24V.  I DO know that I don't have enough room in the panel for a pair of 1KVA transformers.

I didn't know that you could feed Google translate an image, how do you do that?


John Rudd:
Re the transformer…if you got 3 ph 460, do you have access to a Neutral from the supply? If that’s the case then you could use a 220V pri, to 110/24 control tranny…?

Re the motor, the lathe is likely a Euro the likelihood is the motor will be a frame 90/100 for something like a 2hp motor…check the shaft diameter, that’d be a clue…

Hope this helps..


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