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Chinese lathe vee belt


I am in the process of converting my Chinese lathe to three phase I have the motor mounted but now need a longer drive belt, the belt i need is 7 mm wide x 720mm long , cant find one anywhere, anyone got any ides ? Don't really want to change the pulleys   

John Rudd:

Hi..... :whip: :clap: :beer: I replied to your email....

I got replacement belts for my lathe, a Sumore SP2129, from Beeline Engineering  in Milton Keynes... My size is 7M925 made by Gates.

Yours will probably be a 7M720 if belt length is 720mm?

Might be better to visit them in person if youre not too far away and offer cash....

I've used these boys for vee and timing belts. Good prices and fast delivery.

Thanks for the replies I have sent some e mails to the suggested companies .


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