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Our Klargester private sewage plant had roots coming out of it's clean water discharge pipe. It was installed over 20 years ago prior to our ownership, and we had had an attempt at clearing it 12 years ago when we dredged the stream that it discharges into. Not easy requiring 'volunteer' to sit in digger bucket suspended over the stream from the opposite side. But although the pumped discharge water still flowed it obviously needed clearing.

It had been installed with no provision for rodding the pipe, which was about 10 metres of 50 mm plastic, transitioning into 110 underground brown pipe for an unknown length with no indication where the joint was.

Time to take the bull by the horns and this week I've had a young and fit chap trenching the lot out from the stream to the sewage plant - quite deep - loads of spoil.

Yesterday we got to the 'root' of the problem - the bodging installers had just slipped about 30" of 110 mm brown pipe over the end of the 50 mm plastic WITH NO COUPLER. Add in the fact that the stream bank is awash with willow and alder and of course their roots just took up residence until it was jam pack full. I've never seen a pipe so blocked.

The fix, run 110mm underground sewer pipe all the way from the Klargester pump outlet to the stream and incorporate a rodding eye, and a little inspection chamber for access to the rodding and and the 50 / 110 mm transition so in the future not only can the pipe be rodded but the transition joint can be inspected.

I am amazed that water was still getting through that clogged pipe - though it is a powerful pump.

Proper Job!! I have laid a lot of drains, it is Hard work, and something that you don't want to be doing twice, so it pays to do it right the first time, which these guys obviously didn't! Another good job Andrew!

tom osselton:
Still 20 years is better than some fixes now I would think


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