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Casting and Machining Angle Plates for the Lathe

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I built some patterns today for some solid cast angle plates for lathe faceplate work. They will be cast in aluminum to reduce weight, but are otherwise very substantial at 3/4" thick. They don't need webs. They do feature one radiused  edge of 4-1/2" to match the 9" swing of my lathe.

The first job of these plates on the lathe, will interestingly enough, be to machine square their own rough castings.

It's been a very long time since I've cast aluminum -- it's been iron, iron, iron this year since relining the oil furnace. It was a great pleasure therefore to do an aluminum pour this evening again. Very relaxing by comparison, and very quick to melt. I didn't have time before supper to cast both angle plates, but here is the first:

tom osselton:
Nice finish on that.

Thanks Tom. Have you been casting anything lately?

tom osselton:
Not yet I put the battery reconditioning charger on the quad last week because my casting stuff is behind it then I have to retemper the sand thatís been sealed for 2 years it should be fairly funky. 
I have a garbage can of Aluminum and a garbage can of brass to melt.
Currently I have been looking at the Cnc lathe and am inquiring about using Centroid controls to modern it up hopefully Iíll be able to use the Simons 611 controls and servos.


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