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Small Press to fit in a Tiny shop?

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Thanks guys, and especially cwelkie.  :beer:

No purchases for this one, I was hoping for a Madmodder joint heads knocking together DIY solution. I should have mentioned that I do have all kinds of steel scrap, and iron casting  capacity. So cost is nil, and ebay asian arbors seem to start at about $90 US. Also let's just have fun.

Cwelkie, I really like those plans!

Well in the back of my mind this morning I kinda remembered that I might have had something near the back of the outdoor metal scrap pile........ and unearthed this:

The screw even turns -- there's still grease on the threads!

Drawbacks, though.... It's bigger than I had hoped for, and to turn the screw it would HAVE to be bolted to the bench (I'm lucky to have a free square foot on it for projects).

Maybe add a bottle jack ( I have a bunch of them in various states of usability) and cut it down in size? A hydraulic jack would mean it wouldn't have to be bolted down, therefore stowable.

But seeing as this is probably a fairly rare (now) Atlas emblem intact press, should I?

I should give you the size, since it's probably hard to judge scale -- heading out with tape measure......

Frame is 21" x  21" x 6"     Screw is 1" x 8 TPI

Space is always a problem but have you thought about putting it on a rolling table of suitable small size. It is then easy to stowe away - of course depending on if you have stowage space.


Hi Peter  :beer:  At present no floor space either. But this has got me thinking about doing something about that as well.

Too much of my shop space is actually taken up by storage items, tools, and metal and wood stock not necessary to do actual shop work. I do have an 8x10  tin storage shed, with actually very little in it -- mainly because condensation under the tin roof literally rains on the contents during winter,....whenever there is a warm spell. I only keep in there items that won't be ruined..

But if I insulate that roof, then I could move more valuable storage items out of my shop space into that storage shed.

And I do happen to have some 4x8 foot sheets of salvaged beaded styrofoam 3-4 inches thick. If I can stick that to the underside of the metal roof, that might solve a bunch of problems. Maybe that's what I should do today.......

BTW.... does any one know what this is at the bottom of the screw? Looks like a ball bearing race. Doesn't turn however (frozen, or not a bearing?)

At first guess I thought it might some type of swivel foot, like on the screw of a C clamp, so that turning pressure wouldn't be applied to the part being pressed.

But would a ball bearing make sense for that? and how would the shaft work with that? It would seem to need to be a two piece shaft, separated by the bearing. Also could aa ball bearing take the pressure? Doesn't seem to me to make much sense.

Or, is it just a ball bearing that somehow got stuck on the press arbor, and no one ever took it off before getting rid of the press?

I added an adjustable extension to my tiny press to deal with 12" long broaches.  Super happy with the result!!!

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