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Small Press to fit in a Tiny shop?

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The Atlas P10 press apart:

I'm not seeing your pictures Steve in Chrome (ok on my iPad though)

Yes, sorry Andrew, it's because the pics are served on my http site instead of https, and Google is censoring the web.

WeldingRod, that is a nice setup, much better than my angle iron and studding.  I should have a look at what plate I have stashed.

Yes, sorry welding rod, forgot to say, nice work!  :clap:

I spent a couple hours today sanding and wire-brushing the Atlas press. I also got a coat of primer on it, but it's starting to look like rain, so cover paint may have to wait.

Oh, I also cut an 18" piece of rod for a handle. I don't have any tool steel that length, so I hope it will be tough enough. If not, I'll replace it down the road.

Camera has created an exaggerated upper bearer bend in the pic below -- it's actually only about 1/16" over 21" and it doesn't bend inboard at all.


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