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replace the on/off switch on a NAEROK Mill

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Hi there,
I’ve just become the proud owner of a NAEROK mill/drill
Wanted to know if anyone could give me a few pointers on the on/off switch
There isn’t one O-o

I believe the mill is being run straight from a single phase domestic supply [230v UK]

I’d like to put a new switch on it but from what I read elsewhere [hours of googling] seems to be a Direct Online Starter/DOL Starter that’s needed, but again, from what I can see they’re used on three phase power…

Could someone please advise me on what to get and or where to buy it please?

Also if anyone knows where I could get a handle for raising and lowering the head [the handle from the Bevel gearbox for raising and lowering the head was missing], that’d be outstanding.


i'm just a hobbyist [goldsmith by trade] capable and practical kind of person, certainly no electrician

Firstly welcome to the forum, good to have you aboard.

That original switch probably was not only an on / off switch but incorporated a 'NVR' safety feature. NVR = no volts release. So if the mill is running and the power gets cut, it won't start up again when the power returns until the start button is pressed. Probably many generic switch units that will fit the bill.

Here's the first one I found on eBay but there are many more :

I might have to get one of those myself, Andrew.

Welcome Merman!  :beer:

If you can't find a handle, and, since you do have a mill drill, maybe this will be of some help in fabricating one to fit, assuming you need to make a square hole in something for the stub:

---and maybe I should take my own advice and finally make a handle for my milling vise, instead of stupidly using an open end wrench.

Pete W.:
Welcome, Merman, and good morning all.

Direct-on-line starters are definitely available for single phase, not just for three phase devices.  I have one on my lathe and another on my small drilling machine.

The type I have are 'Memdol' brand, made by the Midland Electrical Manufacturing company, hence the 'MEM' part of the brand-name.  The 'dol' part, of course, signifies 'direct on line'.   The particular versions I have also include a no-volt-release function.  They have a toggle actuator rather than the green and red start and stop buttons often used on industrial switch gear.  However, I believe that later versions of the Memdol starters are available with such buttons.  They have overload tripping heater coils, just like the three-phase versions, available for various motor load currents. 

Having written all that, I am unsure without checking whether MEM are still trading or whether 'my' versions of the device are still available.

If you desire the motor to be reversible, that would require the addition, in-circuit, of a separate reversing switch, the Memdol doesn't include that function.
MEM are now part of the Eaton Group.


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