Author Topic: Gathering Winter Fuel  (Read 5037 times)

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Gathering Winter Fuel
« on: June 04, 2022, 11:10:49 AM »
A friend has a few acres of woodland, but sadly it's been struck by 'Ash Dieback' disease.,the%20death%20of%20the%20tree.

Earlier this year I took three lorry loads from him and packed my log store to the gills - hopefully a year and a half's worth.

This means he's been felling the affected trees and my future supply of Ash for log fires will no longer be available in years to come. So I told him I'd buy as much as he could spare and hoard it to supply my log burner for a few years.

Net result was I collected four Ford Transit Tipper loads and have been splitting and stacking it in a collection of old apple bins, IBC metal cages and modified plastic tanks from within the IBC cages. (Modified by drilling many 110 mm ventilation holes)

Glad to say I got the job finished this morning including 'double stacking' the odd collection of crates in the Tractor Shed after the usual shunting stuff about to make room.

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East Sussex

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Re: Gathering Winter Fuel
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2022, 01:58:55 PM »
That is the best firewood you can get Andrew!

Beechwood fires are bright and clear
If the logs are kept a year,
Chestnutís only good they say,
If for logs ítis laid away.

Make a fire of Elder tree,
Death within your house will be;
But ash new or ash old,
Is fit for a queen with crown of gold.

Birch and fir logs burn too fast
Blaze up bright and do not last,
it is by the Irish said
Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread.
Elm wood burns like churchyard mould,
Eíen the very flames are cold
But ash green or ash brown
Is fit for a queen with golden crown

Poplar gives a bitter smoke,
Fills your eyes and makes you choke,
Apple wood will scent your room
Pear wood smells like flowers in bloom

Oaken logs, if dry and old
keep away the winterís cold
But ash wet or ash dry
a king shall warm his slippers by.

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