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T&C Grinder Stones Unpacked At Last !

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Way back in the dim and distant past before I moved here, my Clarkson Tool & Cutter Grinder enjoyed  it's own corner of the workshop, with peg boards on the wall to safely store the various grades and shapes of stones - and this is my preferred method of storing them.

On moving they were all safely wrapped in newspaper (dated July 2007 !!!!) packed into boxes and the boxes temporarily stored next to the machine. This arrangement persisted for far too long - best part of a year ago I bought some suitable dowelling to make peg boards, but then it dawned on me that I'd run out of wall to mount them  :bang:

So rummaging for the right stone for a particular job became rather haphazard resulting in many partially unwrapped  boxes sitting on my layout table and getting in the way - something HAD to be done.

I had a five drawer wheeled tool box left over from sorting a pile of CNC lathe soft jaws (tool box proved too weak and wobbly!) - it was bent back into shape - each drawer was already lined with firm foam - so I started unpacking the stones into the drawers so at least I could see what I had.

I don't like storing them like this, but so long as the tool box isn't wheeled around violently they should survive.

Andrew, do you use the dowling as pegs?

Yes in the past I'd drilled a matrix of holes on a stout board and knocked 4" lengths of dowel with a bit of glue on into them. This lets the stones sit without bumping into each other.

I have in fact made such a board from the rather bigger stones for my surface grinder but it used the last bit of wall space!

Ahh, peg boards, not peg board -- perforated hardboard here. I was wondering how wooden pegs could work with peg board, but figured you had a way. Okay, got it... :beer:

Yes - board with pegs in - like photo below of the one for my surface grinder.

There is a prize for anyone who can find me more wall space  :lol:


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