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Hi all, there's a brand new "Member's Videos" section of the forum, near the top of the list, meant for, well, member videos!  :dremel:

Please post your new YouTube, and other videos there!  :coffee:


1.) If you want to post videos that you like by non-members, they should be located in the "Neat Stuff" section of the forum, as they always have been.

2.) Traditional forum discussion threads will continue to be located throughout the rest of the forum by topic. Discussion threads may include occasional video links posted by the author, or anyone else in furthering an ongoing discussion, but the initial purpose of the thread should not be the announcement of a video.

3.) We'll be migrating older video threads to populate the new section and to re-organize the discussion sections. That shouldn't take long, but there will be a fair number of temporary notices and links to moved threads. Don't worry, threads won't be lost, just moved. Please pardon the re-construction!

4.) Once organized, it should be easy to find the latest videos by regularly authoring members. And regular traditional topic discussions by members will continue as the main job and focus of our MadModder's forum.  :beer:

tom osselton:
Thanks :beer:

Good idea.


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