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Mystery tools identification ?


Hi All,
A friend arrived last week with some mystery tooling objects
First one, is either for turning small diameter rod or maybe thread cutting ?
I have not seen anything like it before,
Can anyone put a name to it? it has a "No22" stamped on the face, the arbor (?) is approx one inch diameter with maybe 1/2in. bore

Second, are some type of collet similar to those expanding blind bearing / bush pullers ? but I have no idea what the rest of the "tool " should look like

Third items are for clamping onto some object , 8 pointed clamping screws and a spindle with a very fine thread at the end, one has a bearing on the spindle

Any Ideas Folks :scratch:

Id guess the first is either for cutting threads, or sizing rod, or a cutoff tool like a pipe cutter. Or maybe a multipurpose tool for all three.

Second tools -- no idea.

Third is a small bell chuck.

I'm voting "box tool" on the first...  turret lathe tool.

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Itís all turret tooling from something like a Ward turret lathe. There is a classic roller box, collets with collars to let them mount in the holes in the turret, and a Cats Head chuck.

Sad about the rust.

Hi All,
Thank You All for the replies,
I have a friend who has a Ward turret lathe but he lives about 100 miles away
I will send him the photos to see if he knows what the tools are for sure, I will pass them on to him if he can use them
Thinking some more I think I saw the remains of a tool turret in a scrap pile in the yard of the chap who brought me the bits ??



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