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Three Little Piggys


At long last we have pigs back on the farm. COVID stopped us for two years but today I was able to collect these three gilts.

They are a commercial cross pig bred for low fat and long bodies so it's a bit new to me as we've always bred 'rare breed' Saddle Backs, Gloucester Old Spots etc

Fairly rapidly I need to establish a feeding regime for them to grow at a fair rate but not go to fat - some research needed so at the moment they are on an emergency menu !

All from the same litter they are Large White, Peitrain / Duroc crosses bred for the commercial meat trade.

They were rather traumatised by their journey here and didn't know where they were poor things. Give them a few days and they'll settle down.

They have moved into rather splendid accommodation :)

We do our best for the livestock !

Build thread here:,10600.0.html


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