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Three Little Piggys

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At long last we have pigs back on the farm. COVID stopped us for two years but today I was able to collect these three gilts.

They are a commercial cross pig bred for low fat and long bodies so it's a bit new to me as we've always bred 'rare breed' Saddle Backs, Gloucester Old Spots etc

Fairly rapidly I need to establish a feeding regime for them to grow at a fair rate but not go to fat - some research needed so at the moment they are on an emergency menu !

All from the same litter they are Large White, Peitrain / Duroc crosses bred for the commercial meat trade.

They were rather traumatised by their journey here and didn't know where they were poor things. Give them a few days and they'll settle down.

They have moved into rather splendid accommodation :)

We do our best for the livestock !

Build thread here:,10600.0.html

Well today was collection day for the pork.

148 lbs of Cumberland sausages and burgers, five loins for bacon, ten half legs for ham, and numerous joints for roasting.

Curing has started and there will be ten days of turning the loins (potential bacon) and joints (potential ham) every morning to allow the curing salts to fully do their work before the slicing can begin.

Grossly uneconomic - 1040 to raise, feed, slaughter, butcher and transport these three pigs saying nothing about my time doing it - no way can I sell the meat at anything like a true cost !

My grandad (a meat buyer and butcher by trade) always had three or four pigs on the go, but all swill fed, collected free from the local cafes and dept store restaraunts, my mum still has knives and forks from Busbys Dept store cafe in Bradford! when he retired as a meat buyer and inspector he went self employed and opened a butchers shop in Laisterdyke! In the late fifties he had to be off for a week for a minor op on his leg, and my mum and dad ran the shop for a week, they swilled out the shop, paid the meat bill, paid the landlord (Jack Tordoff aka JCT 600) and still had 140 left over, when they told grandad he said "Nay lad leave us a bit o summat" that was his weeks profit!


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