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I've been enjoying Dave Ticehurst's shop videos (except for the sound levels!). I found one tip here about countersinking that I will definitely use. I'd given up on doing that cleanly or without horrible chatter. Tried many different countersinks, lots of different drill speeds, yet always flummoxed by the little boogers.

Kleenex you say?

I liked his T-slot fence plates starting at 9:32. Simple and elegant.

Tnx for posting the link to his video!

Welcome jiihoo, he has lots of other videos with short tips, some familiar, many not. He's a kindly gent just trying to share what he knows, no hype.

hey yeah...didnt know that one and have had the same problem countersinking.
I guess it is similar to useing a piece of cloth under the bit when drilling thru sheetmetal to get a round hole rather than a triangle, and it also stops the piece from being dragged up the bit.
FF to 6:00 in this vid: are right about the sound quality.

Rubes, also a good one there drilling sheet metal with cloth, which I'll use.  :beer:

That video sent me down a (good) rabbit hole, because I noticed that he (Marc Presling) also had installed the same bluetooth DRO on his mill as I did, using TouchDRO software -- then I found more videos about TouchDRO, including those by Yuriy -- who originated the hardware/software.

Of course I didn't get much work done in the shop today....  :coffee:


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