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 hi sos for not posting but life gets in the way   any way  my hobby has gone of coerce a bit I'm gnaw on with remote control buggees powered by nitro engines any way I have a engine that needed a rebuild it needed two new bearings so on to the net two surtch for new bearings I got 10 new ones for the front at the cost of 9.95 free post and i got 10 new ones for the back for 10 free post  ok brill but the ones for the back shod be OD of 24mm  ID 13 mm and a thickness of 6mm  the ones i got thru the post where 24x12x6  ok not a problem so I thort went on the look for the right Bering ang just for one it was double the cost of wat it was that I  got 10 for   :palm:  so I had a good look at the bearings that I had got and came up with a plan  as you will see in the pics I checked the thickness of the inner race an the ones on the new Bering is thicker  so  tape both sides of the Bering up clock it in on me lathe and grind the center out to 13mm it worked out well   but my mane gripe is the cost of the Bering haw can they justify a 100 mark up on a 1mm difference  any way pics     

Great, Bob, I don't know how I missed this when it was posted!


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