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Finally I made a small bracket to support the Z axis read head and drilled and tapped for it into the mill head. The location was clear and about 3/8" thick iron, with access behind, so I felt fairly confident about poking holes.

Adjustments to prevent any binding in the slide were easy to accomplish by just keeping the end screws loose in their slots on the scale brackets, and traversing the quill to an end stop and tightening them alternately.

A calibration test as had been done for the X and Y Axes yielded a CPI of 2562.5, half way between the other two. With that, a 3 inch traverse was right on the money, and repeatable to zero and back several times. I like this particular installation as it retains the stock Z axis stop, features a stationary head (and therefore wiring), and is very easily removable. Actually, the same is true of all three axes. I lost no features, have the same travel ranges as before, all heads are stationary, and all can be removed with 4 screws or less.

I only have to make a guard for the X axis scale, neaten the wiring, and possibly add a display (phone or tablet) holder and the DRO installation is done!  :ddb:


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