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So, what dissolves brass?


Not sure what the root cause was, but the levelling knobs came off early in an 8 hour print.

Most of the nozzle is now nicely plated across the glass bed.

I'm inclined to leave it, but i wondered if citric acid or weak hydrochloric would remove it?

Its an ender 5plus, the glass bed is slightly textured with a coating i think. (its pretty tough)

Ferric Chloride should do the job.

That print bed has got to be tough to have ground off the tip of the nozzle, and those have to be some heavy duty springs.  How long was it printing before you stopped it?

What type of filament were you printing?  You might have the brass bits glued to the print bed by the filament.  If that's the case, then you might have to strip off a layer of brass, then a layer of plastic, then a layer of brass, etc...  Might be simpler/cheaper/faster just to get a new glass bed.

Just pla.
I think it stopped feeding pretty quickly, there's really no sign of any filament.
It was going about 8 hours i think, it was actually my daughter's print..
Fortunately the springs are quite soft, so the bed was only being pushed into the nozzle lightly.
And apparently brass is starting to get softer at 210 degrees.

I'm inclined to leave it until its obviously a problem.



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