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Electricity getting very expensive in the Workshop

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Today I replaced twelve 6 foot T8 70 watt fluorescent tubes with LED replacements. I have a total of 36 of the 6 foot tubes in the main workshop giving 2500 watts so with electricity having gone up to 29.49 p per kwH this was costing 75 pence per hour just to light - never mind actually using any machines ! My electricity for the workshop had been running at £8 per day (inc standing charge) so something HAD to be done.

The twelve that I have changed were a pilot exercise to check light quality etc, not a cheap exercise though at north of £150 for the LED tubes. If I can scrape any spare cash together I'll certainly do the other 24 as they are pretty good, and apart from access issues over machines were very easy to do - just replace the starter with a 'special' which actually is just a short circuit - then put the new tube in.

These ones are 24 watt so a saving of 66%

The welding shop foundry and woodwork shop probably have another at least 36 tubes between them which is why I've been putting it off - darn expensive this saving money lark!

I used to have a job trying to persuade businesses to use less energy because of climate change :bang: :bang: :bang:.  I think this would have been a good example - if it was used 8 hours a day 5 days a week the investment would be paid for in less than six months - most businesses would have managed that because they could do the investment from the fuel budget rather than needing to ask for funds from the boss.

For your workshop the hours of use will probably make it more difficult to justify, however adding switches and only lighting part of the workshop is likely to be even more cost effective.


Yes Russell I have it wired in 'three banks' originally to distribute the load across three  6 amp MCBs each with their own three switches giving switching individually per group of four lights. (Big grid switch by the door)

The bank that I've done is the crucial one - it covers sink, loo, my desk, bench, and the CNC milling machine so that bank can remain one while the other three are in gloom !

Amusingly for some time I've had one tube that for the life of me couldn't get to strike up. and I was convinced that the ballast choke must be O/C - today I even dismantled the fitting to measure the choke (which was fine) only to find one pin on the original fluorescent tube  bent over at 90 degrees  :bang:

tom osselton:
Iíve never regretted installing led lighting in the garage 

Well I've pushed the boat out and ordered another 24 LED tubes - bankruptcy here we come  :bugeye:


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