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I really don't get these, but often find myself of being an assistant for my daughter. She knows one person that plays certain game a lot and has a rare digital artefact....

This sorts of:

She wanted to make that toy for a birthday present. And she had two days to finish it!

Part of that was easy. Appropriate 3D STL-file was found and parts printed. Most of it was easy going on PLA, but the inner sphere was a problem: Close to that color filament was PETG, we didn't have PLA anymore.

Took a whle lot troubleshootting to get PETG to work, first print started with a bird's nest and two others ended to a bird's nest in 4-5 hours of print. Got incrementally better each try and got few usable parts and blanks to test paint. Finally buid a enclosure out of carboard box and that was the final missing link to produce nice complete print. Also surface quality was much better.

Then sanding, painting, masking, handpainting etc. She did all that and asked opinion ocassionally. I had primer for plastic parts and rattle can colors, because she likes building that kind of stuf.

Light was build out of battery operated tealight. That provided enclosure, switch, wires and battery holder. Had to rummage for blue led and found one SMD led, taht was a bit hard to solder.

She wanted parts to snap together. I tried to mount magnets simply by heating the magnet with soldering iron until magnet would melt the PLA and sink in. Magnets lost magnetism. I thought that "supermagnets" had a whole lot higher temperature tolerance, but these did not. That required more work. Just could not heat them and sink like screw inserts.

That is neat. Game props are fun...   :headbang: :headbang:

Thank you!

The birthday boy was really happy about it.

My daughter didn't have time to fill and sand it smooth. But everybody agreed that printed layers added mystique and weird industrial feel to it. Apparently sometimes less is more!


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