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Sometimes Things are Simpler Than You Think !

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For a little while I've been aware that there was a feed problem with my Colchester Master 2500. It would auto feed, but the feed was weak and not strong enough to trip the 'knock off' when feeding to a stop.

Fairly certain that the shear pin had sheared, but that there was still enough friction to actually feed the carriage. Been putting the job off for a while as other things were prioritised.

Well today, enthused by at last having a clear 'Covid' test I thought time to knuckle down and fix it, it's very simple - a 3 mm pin between two flanges on the gear box input shaft. Remove the end cover, swing the gear banjo out of the way, remove the input gear, and replace the pin that mounts on its splined hub.

. . .hang on a moment . . . there's a perfectly serviceable shear pin in the hole - grasp the hub, turn it holding the feed shaft - sure enough a little torque but easily stopped from turning . . what's going on.

A quick check of the feed set up - OK which PRATT has knocked the eight way gear selector lever into a false neutral. Well fairly obviously it had to be me  :palm: It's 'sort of' at leg level so quite easily done but I've never done it before in 21 years of owning the lathe.

. . . what a Pratt !


Glad to hear you're clear of Covid, Andrew!  :thumbup:

Well, also that your lathe functions properly!

Take it easy Andrew! Heal well and recovery will be faster.

I had Covid, diagnosed on home test. I didn't take sick leave, I was working home. Every morning I though I had healed, no problem at noon I started feeling tired and by two I had to log out and take a nap. After that I could finish my office hours and felt fine....some time during the night I got fever chills and then I was sweating like no end. Then good sleep until time to wake up fresh again. This went on 5-6 days and I got better.

Unfortunately I had one tumor removed just before contracting C19 and stiches ripped open during the weekend when I reached for a napkin over the dinner table....and with covid no clinic nearby would see me. They suggested me to drive 40 km to special clinic....That did not feel like a viable option, the would was open from complete length and pretty deep.

We have pretty complete first aid stuff at home, my daughter rinsed two inch long wound with saline solution, closed it with 3M steristrips and covered with sterile pad and 10 cm wide tape to keep my backrolls on check and to prevent wound from opening. The wound was checked home, pictures sent to a nurse  once a day and dressing changed daily.

I was just recovering from the C19 and feeling pretty tired, but miraculously the wound would stay closed (Plenty of steristrips and wide tape to prevent me stressing the wound). I must say the wound healed faster than my general wellbeing. I did complete recovery, but did feel really tired and brain fog for two weeks. Everything was harder, physically and mentally.

I hope you make a speedy recovery.

Wow Pekka, that's rather scary  :bugeye:

Well done to your Daughter - truly a ministering angel if ever there was one. Superglue is pretty useful in emergencies to keep wounds closed but obviously as you had the Steristrips so much the better.

You're a true Madmodder, Pekka!


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