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Adds new meaning to the term surface ground:

Having built a couple of lathes, I'm greatly impressed by this young man's project -- it's ambitious and heavily built, and it took a LOT of very unpleasant work to complete. All the parts of a commercial lathe are present -- even a drip tray and drive guard. It's a fascinating, if slightly painful looking, video.

I would have liked to see a test bar turned to check for taper for the length of the ways, since there's no way to tell what accuracy he's achieved in his bed, or the concentricity of headstock and tailstock. Also a face turning placed against a straightedge to check for how square and straight his cross slide ways are.

I did not see any gibs or means of wear adjustment -- but I only watched the video one time. Also no scraping, unless that was done off camera or after the lathe was painted. I guess I feel the lathe is incomplete as pictured, and maybe it will be improved later....more or less by necessity.

I'm afraid I have to say, in lathe building fitting gibs and scraping are what separate the men from the boys.  :whip:


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