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What's Wrong with this Picture??? MSC 2-1/2" Expanding Arbor

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Facing a flange on a thin wall stainless steel displacer cylinder for a Ryder engine driven by the corrected expansion arbor and held in the new steady rest.
I still see a problem with the setup, Steve. The tiny taper is, as you have realised, only expanding the end, so it's hardly presently a parallel clamping force in the bore of your workpiece. The taper needs to be much, much longer and more gradual.

Well technically yes, but practically, that's how this type works, and I indicated the outside of the tube true in the 4 jaw after expansion.

It's main purpose is as a driver, like a lathe dog. as long as the tubing itself is centered at that end and at the steady rest end, the small taper grip isn't a problem. Unless it slips -- which was the problem before.

Because the arbor is initially turned to a fairly close fit on your part, it has much less tendency to distort the tube walls than chucking a tube directly, even with a spider. And the 6 jaws instead of 3 or 4 is also helpful in that regard. Not perfect but certainly usable. There are more advanced expansion arbor designs for higher precision than is needed here.

And here I thought that "Horrible Fright" was the only place that sold tool "kits". 

At least you got it to work for you, so you're not exactly out 45 bucks.  You're just out the time fixing it, that you'll never get back.  I suppose you could try billing MSC, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a response.

Nice save.


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