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Seriously Scary Grandchildren

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We had some of the Grandchildren to visit today including the twin nine year old girls. One was telling me how she’d been watching a TV program about ancient Egypt and her mother told her that we had a copy of a large papyrus hanging on the wall in one of our holiday cottages, the guest had just left why don’t you go and look.

It’s hanging there as it’s huge and it wouldn’t fit anywhere else !

She came back and I was expecting all sorts of questions.. Oh no, she told me in great detail what it was, what it showed and what the figures were doing.  It’s a page from the Osiris “Book of the Dead”. Oh have you been taught about it I asked.

Oh no, I read the hieroglyphs she tells me. AGED NINE for goodness sake  :bugeye: I was seriously impressed, she’d picked up the basics from the TV program, remembered them and read the papyrus!

Incidentally the original is in the British Museum and is tiny ! Ours, bought in Egypt, is an amazing work of art probably 30 times bigger than the original.



That's great!  :clap:

Goes to show just how absorbent and pliable young minds are.
Uncluttered by all the stuff we gather through life's journey.

Frankly, if I could remember half the stuff learned and forgotten in my 80 years I'd be a bloomin master of useless information.
John B

That is border lining something between scary, weird and wonderful....but that is how kids can be.

Can't remember how old my daughter was, but she was watching Dora the Explorer all the time in different languages. Her favorites were Spannish and English, but anything would do. Sometimes we caught her watching French and Icelandic version as well....Later on that year we were traveling in Mexico and there were some tourist who walked by. Not only my daughter recognize French, but also blurted out phrases she learned from Dora. Surprised everyone, mostly us, because we don't use French at all. Those tourist were surpriced as well and started talking to us, assuming one of us would speak French. I can read menu, sometimes, that's about it.

This is a photo of our large papyrus 'copy' - a work of art in itself and a link to the original in the British Museum


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