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I'm back after nine years

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Oops that's the the admin area - now if / when Bernd regains his original log in he will be able to read it  :clap:

Meanwhile here is a cut and paste of the gist:

An observation on my part. We are going to get all kinds of people here. I'd never heard of this but some people just join up to raid the download files for info and then move on. On one forum I signed up on you con't get in to the download area until you had posted a number of messages. The messages had to pretain to what the group was all about not just generic messages to get your numbers up.

I also like the ten day rule. At least you might be able to get them to say hi and what there interests are.

A PM saying or asking to post a bit about their interests and if they would like to tell a little about themselves. Not to many people trust the interweb to leave a full history about themselves so make that an option in the Intro request.

Here's a sample I've come up with:
"As a new member of the Madmodder Forum it would be greatly apprciated if you post an introduction in the "Introduction" area so other membes can say Hi to you. A short note about your interests would be greatly appreciated. This will help like minded members to communicate with each other"

Might come up with more as the day goes on. This was kinda off the cuff.


Okay Bernd, if you're reading this, I've written to Eric, and he should be able to fix it.

I have. I associated your new email to your old account. I also reset your password and sent it to you.

Welcome back!


Ok guys, I'm back as Bernd. I use the "protolancer" due to the type of railroading I do. It's neither the real thing but it's not fantasy either. I work with in the limits of plausibility.

So I'll update what's been going on over the next century or so.  :scratch:

I've gained two CNC machines and go rid of one large drill press and my Grizzly lathe. I'll update the adventures of those as I go.

Have to look around and see who is still here after nine years. I do see a few that haven't been around for a while too. I happened to come across the other site and I saw a mention of MadModder. I do one of these  :palm: and go that's where I want to go and here I am. Almost didn't make it into the door.

More later. Was working on a project and took a break to see if I could get on.

Until then,


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