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I'm back after nine years

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Took me a while to figure out how to get back on. Had to go for a new name and password.


Hi Eric. Remember me and my wife. We met at an Engineering show in PA a many years ago. My wife watched your kid while you and I went around the show and your wife did some business with somebody if I recollect correctly.

I was cleaning up and going through some old files and came across a Mad Modder reference and thought hey let's see what's going on. Had to register since I couldn't remember my password. So if you see the name "protolancer" that's me.

I finally did some parring down of my hobby's. I'm into my model railroading heavily but still do home shop machining since that is part of model railroading. I even have two CNC machines now after saying why would you need a CNC to make parts. Little did I know how valuable that would be model railroading.

I'll be posting some of my adventures to bring old members and new members up to date.


NOTE: Anyway you can fix the first name so I can get back to my old threads and name?

Hi Bernd, and welcome back. I recognize the name. Eric isn't always here, but I'll see what can be done about reconnecting you to your old nick.

PM sent....

I read the PM but can't reply to it. At least I don't see a place to reply if there is one. That address no longer works. That's why I had to sign in with a new name. I'll send you a PM with my new e-mail address.



From 'My Messages' in the title bar of Steves message there should be a 'Reply' icon that you can click.

You may be falling foul of a rule concerning sending PM's until a certain number of posts have been made - not sure of the details.



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