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Casting a Lathe Chuck Backing Plate

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And at the very end of the day, here is the 4 jaw chuck mounted on the lathe.  :ddb: :ddb:

All that's left to do is turn the rim of the backing plate smooth to match the chuck circumference.

Many years ago I invested in two sets of Transfer Punches, Imperial and Metric. They sit quietly in the corner of a cupboard for months at a time, but when I invite them to come out and play they make jobs like this quite simple.

This needed transfer screws to make it simple. The chuck is threaded and the holes are blind.

If the threaded hole is countersunk slightly you can place a suitable sized ball bearing in it, locate your work piece over it and give it a sharp tap with a mallet

Sounds like a good idea for some other project. But in this case, not countersunk, no ball bearings, (though both could be remedied) but beyond that, and this applies to sharp transfer screws to a somewhat lesser extent, I just don't want to hit a brand new 25 pound chuck on the face with enough force to indent ball bearings onto a cast iron backing plate in four places. 


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