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Yes Wikipedia confirms that:



--- Quote from: smiffy on February 26, 2022, 12:00:24 PM ---I have 60 kgs of petrobond sand that needs rejuvenating .I have looked on the net for means of doing this and get conflicting advice . Has anyone done this and what method did you use ,or should I bin it and use green sand  Mike

--- End quote ---

I use petrobond. when I bought it  I also bought a paste that is sold by the manufacturers in Germany. When I use it, I try to separate out the black layer that's next to the casting and put it to one side to be rejuvenated with the "paste". This is hard going without a muller, which is pretty high on my list of things to make

Bentone clay is used in petrobond sand, it is hydrated with oil, unlike green sand which is frequently has bentonite clay as a binder which is hydrated with water. I couldn't find Bentone here in France, which is why I ended up buying ready made petrobond. I have seen smokeless two stroke oil as an oil additive and rubbing alcohol to make it more fluffy!

Cheers, Matthew

Here some cat litter bags contain mostly bentonite. Wonder if that would work? Are all bentonite the same?

I have seen people using kitty litter bentonite on YouTube and it seemed to me their biggest problem with it was grinding then sieving it to powder form. After that no trouble.
Not done any casting although it is another thing on my list of things to try even if only to melt aluminium and cast usable lumps.
John B

There are two types of bentonite as clay used by foundry men and also potters here, Southern and Western. They have somewhat different properties. Bentonite  is also used in cattle feed and is available from farm supply stores. Also it is used for a pond sealant.

I have heard for years about kitty litter being used for casting on the web and have yet to see a quality casting made with it. I think I once heard that it was actually already kilned, though not sure about that. If it is still raw, rather than grinding it,  people should be able to soak it in water for a week or so in a bucket to make ia slurry, let it settle, pour off the water, and then dry in the sun on a tarp until a usable consistency -- similar to what some potters do with natural clay.

I think Bentonite is wasted on most casting metals other then iron. By that I mean it isn't necessary to produce high quality castings and any good ceramics grade fireclay, like Hawthorn will work perfectly well for that.


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