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Petrobond moulding sand

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tom osselton:
I got a flier from Princess Auto ( Canada ) yesterday offering Petrobond for sale.

Molasses is basically sugar and water, right? Sticky when wet, carbonised when heated to molten metal temps.
Maybe sugar water would work?


John Rudd:
Sort of right….,molasses comes from sugar cane or beet….quality depends on how it is refined/extracted…

When I worked in South Africa, we fermented molasses that arrived to site by rail tanker, that was black and sticky. Producing 98 proof alcohol, ( drink enough will kill you!) the lees went over to a spray drier plant and eventually turned into animal feed stock….virtually no waste…

The syrupy quality helps in packing the sand mix and holds it together before baking-- maybe better than refined sugar -- you'd have to try it to know. Molasses works, and is traditional, and it's needed in very small quantity, so I haven't tried anything else -- my wife is an avid baker.

I may be doing some baked sand cores shortly, btw.

I've a feeling Molasses is more like what we call Treacle in the UK.

Molasses is widely available in farm supply shops - if your cattle don't like the silage you've made (too dry, too many rushes etc) dose it with molasses and they'll eat the lot and ask for more!


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