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I have 60 kgs of petrobond sand that needs rejuvenating .I have looked on the net for means of doing this and get conflicting advice . Has anyone done this and what method did you use ,or should I bin it and use green sand  Mike

This document, which originates from Petrobond itself (Google 'free slideshare cownloader' to obtain in pdf), suggests you just add a dollop of their magic snake oil and re-Mull (bagpipes optional). See also second link, which appears to be the manufacturer.

Thanks for the links . Several youtube videos suggest using  sae 30 straight engine oil , would that work to replace their snake oil, also adding some methanol is recommended . As I have not used petrobond before not sure whether this will work .Any ideas welcome Mike

Sorry I can't help. I just use greensand.

Great stuff, but I haven't had to change the oil on mine yet ;-)

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