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EPCO Massive Engine Hoist

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I've had engine hoists (or cranes) before but always felt that they were marginal for the job that they were doing - too flimsy by half !

So when a decent solidly made EPCO engine hoist appeared on FB Marketplace at a good price I snapped it up. Made in Leeds (as was I!) rather a long time ago (as was I !!) it pre-dates bean counters and cost cutting and is MASSIVELY over engineered - I like that  :clap:

However it was in Colchester quite a long way from me - but worth paying to get it here - too big for a pallet but a chap I know with a van went out last Sunday to collect it for me. He had to dismantle the jib to get it in his vehicle but it arrived safely. Since then we've had no power so it wasn't easy to move it into the Tractor Shed but today was it's appointment with destiny.

Where the jib pivots was an 1-1/4" UNC shoulder bolt that was very worn, had had it's thread stripped and was held in by a very flimsy split pin - OK make another. Well 5" long 1-1/4 UNC shoulder bolts aren't exactly common so lets make something from what we have to hand . . .

OK there is no need whatsoever for it to be threaded and screwed together - take a tip from agricultural machinery and locate a plain pin with lynch pins - the pin take no sideways force.

As it happens I had a scrap of 1-1/4" stainless steel that had been a pump shaft in a former life, I had some 10 mm lynch pins, and I even had some large washers that I'd plasma cut when I was developing the mount for the hedge flail years ago.

So - guesstimate a length - cross drill some 10 mm holes - cut to length - tidy up on the lathe and fit it. But first the washers needed their bores enlarging - so mount them in the 3 jaw - adjust to run true using my roller truing tool - bore to size - what could be simpler  :thumbup:

AND - grabbing a passing friend to hold the jib it all went together and is now usable. I'll give it a good clean and a close inspection when time permits, but as it's now all together bits won't get lost.

First pictures are in the sellers garage.

Nice simple repair on a VERY nice engine crane! Quality kit from Leeds!!

That should give you good service Andrew. I like the double hook on the jib.  :beer:
Proper job. Good the see that your power is back on  :thumbup:

It was good to see you the other day Graham to brighten up an otherwise rather depressing day with the lack of power. Sorry we couldn't offer much hospitality other than a cup of tea boiled up in a pan  :bugeye:


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