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Storm Eunice

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Storm Eunice blew the cap off one of our farm yard 'Street Lamps' - a large sheet metal affair that has totally vanished - no sign of it.

The result is we were getting constant RCD trips (once the mains returned !) due to rain getting into the bayonet bulb connector.

I could have put a plastic feed sack over it (my first thought) but it would blow off with the first bit of proper wind and look unsightly.

. . . my solution . .  :beer: Put an inverted pint beer glass over the bulb - it sheds the rain nicely and the light shines through .

First picture - the missing cap

Second picture - how it should be.

That is a shame Andrew. Quite a job to make another cap like that.
It must be around somewhere  :Doh:


Wow, I somehow missed all this - never showed up in "Recent Topics", for some reason. Very sorry about the damage and difficulties, Andrew!

We had similar winds a few days ago, I wonder if it's even possible that the same storm could affect both sides?

(whiteout here now, 12" snow predicted, heading out to the tractor to plow)

Thanks Steve. Most of our weather crosses the Atlantic !

I always click the 'Show unread posts since last visit ' link :

So anything new shows up

John yes it must be somewhere - as the Goons used to say 'everybody has to be somewhere' ! but where in this case is eluding us. OK I've not done a finger search of the full 12 acres (!) but you'd think that it would be A/ down wind and B/ pretty visible.

Yup, that's the one I meant, Recent Unread Topics. For some reason this thread didn't show up for me until  today. Anyway, hope things are improving, and I hope you don't get this snowstorm on top of everything else. Just did the first plowing at 6", and it started hailing toward the end for about 10 minutes, then back to snow. it's 11:00 AM here, and predicted to continue until 7:00 PM tonight.


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