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Storm Eunice

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Well the Standby Generator that I installed following Storm Eunice has come into it's own tonight  :thumbup:

Very high winds here and over head supply make it not surprising that we are off grid power. I do regular 'start tests' about every month on this generator but this is the first time I've actually used it in earnest. Usually we are back on supply after about 20 mins so I don't bother dragging it out, but they are saying 10 pm before it 'may' be back on.

Seems to be going magnificently with loads varying from 1 KW up to about 4.5 KW. That's our house and domestic offices and two holiday cottages which are both occupied. So I don't have full control of what loads are applied and when - after all they may boil kettles or cook super as they wish!

I've wired an Owl energy monitor on my incomer in such a way as to show my consumption whether I'm on grid or generator

tom osselton:
Itís nice to have the option and opportunity to try it under real conditions.  :beer:


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