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Storm Eunice

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At long last I've been able to secure the services of a Tree Surgeon and clear up the Sweet Chestnut tree that came down in Storm Eunice. He's the son of a friend but has been incredibly busy up until now due partly to the storm.

This Chestnut had fallen across one (currently dry) ditch, flattened my stock fencing and demolished a tap stand.

The task: - Cut it into manageable parts, drag it across the ditch and through the Leylandii hedge and slice it into 10" 'rounds' that I can split for use on our log burner in years to come. So repetitive chopping, tying up, pulling out and slicing for which he needed a chain saw with a 30" bar  :bugeye:

Numerous trips up and down the field bringing the rounds into the yard - the JCB has earned it's keep today  :bugeye:

So the next job is to set up for log splitting. Fortunately I recently acquired five IBC caged 1 cubic metre tanks which will produce ten log storage stillages when I've removed the plastic tank and drilled loads of ventilation holes in them.

 . . at least we now have fuel in store for several years to come  :thumbup:

Well I finally finished log splitting this morning - or at least as much as I'm doing as I've run out of stillages to put them in!

There's barely half a stillage left but I'll probably leave it at that unless I can distribute the remainder in existing bins, as they tend to settle a bit as they are moved.

I'm taking a break from physical work for a bit as this lot has taken it's toll :(

So that's eight stillages stacked in the Tractor Shed, a further ten on the concrete outside my workshop, and the log store near the house (a bit like the ready to use ammunition locker at a gun emplacement!) is crammed full.

We should be good for log fires for a few years now - a bit of insurance against future oil shortages  :thumbup:

Good work Andrew.  :thumbup: That's a little under 4 cords by our measure, or 7 face cords (which is what our local cutters like to sell as "cords"). We go through just a little less each year. I cut and split ours myself on our land, a yearly ritual.

Just eyeing some trees now.  :beer:

Well the 'barely half a stillage left' translated into a practically full apple bin. This is the last of the apple bins that I used to use for logs years ago, but they were falling apart when I got them. I'd extended their sides to 1 metre so roughly the same capacity as the stillages I'm now using.

So that's the log pile all split bar one lump that's so decayed I don't know why I brought it in from the field  :scratch:

Just need to rake up the fallout, bag it as kindling and find a home for it but it's far too hot to do that now - currently downing a pint of chilled milk !


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