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I have been generally an HSS guy on my lathes. Some time ago I did buy a 1/4" carbide insert turning set, from I don't remember where. I have gradually used up the inserts that came with the set and have one beat one left.

I have never been able to figure out what replacement type it is. I have found explanations of the insert numbering system(s), but they all vary and often don't match the dimensions I have. It seems a Babel of dimensioning systems with inches and 1/8"s and decimal representations of even that, and metrics thrown in. Inscribed circles, screw countersink tapers.  :bang: I've 3 times ordered inserts that don't fit.  :hammer: I'm giving up DIYing any sense to this insane non-system....and asking for your help. Please, sirs and madams, etc. What do I have? Thanks in advance!!!

It is triangular.
It takes a countersunk T6 torx screw. Threaded part is 2.07 mm dia, head is 2.99mm dia.
It has chip breaker gutters on three sides on one face
A side measures 8.92 mm long (.351" and that's measured with a caliper from the radiused and possibly worn tips).
It is exactly 2.54mm, (.100" thick)

What is it????

any thing like these!

John Rudd:
Steve, what you are describing sounds like TCMT tips....the first letter describes the basic shape...D = diamond, T is triangular....

Best if you look on one of the websites for the makers of these things, as its a nightmare deciphering the annotation....

Thanks Kayzed. But I believe those are the a little bit larger ones I have bought by mistake three times! (They say repeating the same mistake a second time and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity. Not sure abut what it means to have done it three times!  :loco:)

Thanks John. I'm afraid I've spent the entire morning trying to visit mfr sites and decipher insert codes and it just hasn't worked. It wouldn't be so bad if I already had a number, but this working backwards to try to get a number is just fruitless. I know the dimensions of what I have, but it doesn't match up with the systems I find.

For instance the thickness of .100" Can't find that. Supposedly the standardized mfr.'s insert numbering system for thickness works with old measure 1/16"s, where you are supposed to find the thickness in sixteenths, expressed as two decimal digits. So .100" would be 1.6. Well okay, but then I only find actual inserts on Ebay listed as 1.5.

And for the width, well that's supposed to be in eighths, as two digits, but it's not the width of the insert, but an inscribed circle around the insert.


I've looked all over for the tools I have, and they haven't matched the type of 1/4" tools available everywhere these days. But just now I found on Amazon, these, and they look just like my set:

And they mention the inserts -- "TCMT090204", and they are available also on Amazon!

(Man I really hope those are the same as mine, or it will be my 4th set of wrong inserts.)


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