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CNC Plasma Table Leaps to Mend Drains

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Every year about this time we have our private sewage system (Klargester) serviced and the sludge pumped out. A few years ago their two big trucks managed to break one of my manhole covers, (which they denied having seen) so now I put traffic cones on them so there is no excuse. This year when placing the cones I noticed that two adjacent aluminium 'rodding eye covers' had been cracked at some time - probably not by them so I needed two new covers. I can buy the complete assembly for about 25 but NOT spare covers.

Handy having a CNC Plasma Table - turns out that the covers are true mathematical ellipses so easy to draw in Autocad - would have liked to cut them from 6 or 8 mm aluminium tread plate but none to hand, so the plate of 1/4" mild steel that was on the machine got used. A coat or two of cold galvanising will delay rusting a few weeks (!) but I'm sure they'll be fine for years.

Nice job Andrew. Is a small widget not necessary to assist in future removal, as being steel will they not rust themselves to their surround?
Pictures seem larger than usual...  :wave:

There is 'screwdriver room' round the edge and the recess is cast aluminium so 'should' be OK. If I happen across some aluminium (thick - 6 mm plus) durbar plate) I'll re-make them. I have at least a dozen of these rodding eyes round the farm but only these two are where vehicles can get at them. I'm quite surprised that they've cracked as they only span 4-1/2".

Pictures - yes I'd composed them for another forum and just left them at 1600 pixels wide  :palm:

I have got to get a CNC plasma table.....


Thanks Eric - yes it's got me out of trouble several times - a workshop necessity I reckon !


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