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Happy New Year Everyone

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It's New Years Eve, and we are planning . . . . . NOTHING !

Usually we'd have a few friends round - the odd tipple of something stimulating leading up to turning silver coins under the light of the moon at midnight, but not this year thanks to Covid in all it's guises.

It seems rife round here, I have several friends in isolation, and my eldest came back from the Caribbean over Christmas straight into 10 days of being locked up, but he's testing clear now (but still significant chest pains) - then I told him he was a plonker to even go !

SO . . . let's hope 2022 brings more joy and less of this mournful pandemic.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, may you and yours prosper in good health. 

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year Andrew Have a good one!

John Rudd:
Best wishes all, letís hope 2022 is a better year all round.. :scratch:

tom osselton:
Happy New Year Everyone!
Itís just going to be a movie night for me.

 and a happy new year to one and all  :)


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