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Hi all
Havenít been on here for a while due to having to many bereavements in close family, I have just purchased a Pultra 1750 lathe mainly because as I live in the UK itís very expensive getting things shipped over here for my Derbyshire Magnus 10mm lathe and as the Pultra was made in the UK and has since been taken over by Smart & Brown I ( should ) be able to get parts and accessories easier, anyway I am trying to find out the paint code for the cream because I am going to refurbish it before I sell my Derbyshire.
So if anyone has any suggestions as where I might be able to find the paint code it would be much appreciated.
Thanks Dell
PS I only restore antique clocks ( mainly torsion clocks)

Well what a bonus my Pultra 17/50 lathe turned up today and it turns out not to be a17/50 50mm centre but in fact a 17/70 70mm centre so very happy, it looks a bit tatty but the bearings are very smooth and no play so once itís stripped cleaned and painted it should be good, it even comes with quick close drawbar but I donít know how that works yet as never used one.  [ Invalid Attachment ]    [ Invalid Attachment ]    [ Invalid Attachment ]    [ Invalid Attachment ]  

It's always nice getting more than you expected. I am quite certain that two centimeters of extra center height will come in handy one day.

I looked at the pictures on and if yours is anywhere close to the specimens shown there, it will be a very droolworthy machine indeed.

Please post pictures as your restoration progresses!



Sorry everyone
I forgot to add pictures of my Pultra 17/70 finished and being used also very accurate.



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