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Thou shalt have a heat pump.

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One issue with ground loops is that if your heat and cooling load isn't balanced you start raising or lowering the ground temperature over time.  You accomodate this with more loop volume than is shown on the charts.
Or, you do what I was contemplating: bank cold!  When it's cold, circulate your fluid through a air heat exchanger to cool the ground.  Low energy activity...
Or, bank hotness if you are in Canada instead of Houston ;-)

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One issue with heat pumps is when you want the heat at night where is the sun to give you the heat ?


--- Quote from: chipenter on November 11, 2021, 02:48:18 AM ---One issue with heat pumps is when you want the heat at night where is the sun to give you the heat ?

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It doesn't use the sun's heat! It's takes heat from the air!

I have one, air to water, it's been running about a year, I don't know how economical it is yet. First immediate benefit here in France is not having to pay the charge on the Gas meter!

It took some setting up, but there is no difference between my gas boiler and the heat pump!

Cheers, Matthew

We had an air source heat pump in Canada (Vancouver, where the climate is very similar to the UK) and it was a simple matter to install it in place of the original furnace. Wasn't expensive, worked fine and also gave us aircon in the summer. Wasn't noisy, worked down to 0C and we had a back up heat source for very cold weather. Generally that's either an electric heater or a gas furnace but ours (gas furnace) was only very rarely required. The coefficient of performance is something like 4 for these installations, which means you get 4 times as much heat energy out as you pay for. That almost makes up for the higher price of the electricity compared to gas

Lots of conjecturing and not much knowledge is being stirred up by the recent change in direction. We humans don't like change but once the supply chain is established and people understand what we are talking about, hopefully the tone of the conversation will mellow out.

The cost of gas versus electricity varies from country to country. Here in Australia for example, gas is significantly more expensive than electricity for heat pump heating. We even use heat pump hot water services instead if gas....


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