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Thou shalt have a heat pump.

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So, It looks as if the government is hell bent on having people throw out their reliable gas boilers and move ot heat pumps.

Does anyone here actually have one of these fitted and working ?

If so, can you provide some 'real world' data on the efficiency and the costs.

I did study heat pumps a long time ago, and am of the opinion that, like us all owning electric cars, it probably seems a good idea at the time.

What do you think ?


If you -must- heat with electricity, it gives you more bang for your buck!  However, air source heat really only works in Florida.  More North and you need ground source,  which adds a lotta $$$.  I couldn't justify the investment when I swapped my A/C unit, even though I wanted to!

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John Rudd:
Again its a case of the blind leading the blind....The Govt have been told that this is a greener way....but...

Where does the refrigerant come from? Is there enough to go round?
How green is the manufacturing process compared to that of a boiler?

For me, there are too many unanswered questions, ( the above are just off the top of my head)
Agreed, gas isnt going to last forever, but rather than forcing the issue I think there must be alternative methods of domestic heating

I pity anyone next door to the bloody things , standard air con units are bad enough when it comes to noise (and no, don't give me the mine's quiet bullshit , the ##### -rant terminated before my gaskets blow!!!)  high output air source heat pumps are only going to be worse.

If you have the land go for ground source, you'll get about 20watt/m2  so you'll need a fair sized garden.

Hi All
I have seen several ground source heat pumps being ripped out in recent times  :scratch:
Over a period of years they lose efficiency (ground gets cold ??)
I have seen successful ones where they laid the coils in a river bed
My Niece has a newly built huge house (not quite passive) with an air to water heat pump I cannot say I have noticed the noise ? the rads are nice and toasty inside the house (under floor takes too long to heat and cool in my opinion) where our weather can vary a lot from day to day, so instant heat is needed



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