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Re-homing a train

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Ok, so I've got a weird one...  My father in law has TWO C. P. Huntington trains, a fleet of rolling stock, a couple of track inspection vehicles (self powered), miles of track, a round table, and a shop.  This is a 60% scale train appropriate for an amusement park.  It seats two abreast!  He used to give rides to the public, but he's in a powered chair now and REALLY needs to downsize.

CP Huntington Train CHANCE RIDES

So, I'm looking for a lead to a good home for them.  Money would be nice, but "not scrap" is the biggest factor.  It's in the USA. 

Please keep this in mind, if you run across someone or a place where this could go!

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From the title, I thought it was like homing a cnc machine :)

That might have been semi-intentional ;-)

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It is far from clear from your description or the link without further research either what this is or where it is.
I think it would be helpful firstly to say which country it is in and location at least to within 100 miles.
Then to clarify is it a roadwheel based 'train' as I saw yesterday going round the shopping mall?
If the latter I would think the potential users would have to bee an entrepreneur type with a mall, park or zoo that doesn't have such an attraction.

"miles of track,"
"Its in the USA."

I know USA is a big place, but probably that is close enough if someone was interested. It doesn't look cheap...



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