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Some time ago I dismantled a microwave oven. I was looking for the copper coils of the transformer to melt down. I was dissapointed to find that the coils were aluminium. :doh: All was not lost as there were two lovely magnets that have been fun to play with but as yet I have not found a use for them. No doubt I will one day.
Inside the workings of a microwave oven is beryllium oxide which is apparently very dangerous. At the time I was not aware of this. How long will it be before I start to transform into a zombie, or whatever, due to my exposure to this dangerous chemical?
This is  serious question despite my light-hearted attitude. Throughout my life I have been exposed to many chemicals that we did not know were dangerous until it was too late. I am still alive and reasonably healthy, I am 74. How dangerous are these chemicals? I stopped smoking 53 years ago but still drink excessive alcohol, I eat less meat than I used to and more vegetables. I wish I knew the secret to long life.

BeO would only be hazardous if you managed to grind it up into fine powder and inhale it. That it itself might be pretty tricky!

I crunched the part that I believe contained Beryllium Oxide with a pair of pliers. I think that may have produced some fine dust that floated in the atmosphere. How much do you need to breathe in to be affected?
 Please do not think that I am paranoid about this, it is too late to worry. It is just that I am interested in risk management. I have had arguements (discussions) with factory inspectors in the past. Are we making too much of tiny risks?

More like carcinogenic.  Clean up your dust with a wet.paper towel.
I wouldn't be super worried about a one time exposure to a little accidentally generated dust.

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