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3d printer - Leapfrog creatr conversion

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--- Quote from: BillTodd on November 01, 2021, 11:18:08 AM ---
...but with a little kinetic adjustment , it does work.

--- End quote ---

Care to explain? Something like percussive maintenance comes into my mind, but probably not....

Similar process , one fixes something that once worked but now doesn't  the other get something to work that never did.

tap, tap twist ... tap tap  twist , HAMMER HAMMER oops  that sort of things :-)

Thank you. All clear now. I have done my share of tap-tap-tapiti-tap and tweak-tweak-blimey adjustments myself....sometimes even in system that mechanical stickiness, analog measurement (and sometimes even control loop) and digital/SW controls....sometimes it is hard to know even where to start.

Hope this gets sorted with relative ease.

Finally got around to wiring and  the extruder mount.

The connector is a 41612/3 but I didn't have one in stock (and Farnell wanted 18 quid for one or 250 for a 100) so had to make one from two bits of a full size 96way one .

There's wiring for dual extruders, 3 fans and a few spares for whatever comes up

Neat  :thumbup:


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