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3d printer - Leapfrog creatr conversion

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Finally remembered to take some pictures ...

I'm converting an old Leapfrog Creatr 3d printer to a Core XY design (core xy  is an arrangement of belts that allow the motors to be mounted on the frame)

The creatr is a stout design from a few years ago. The rod linear rails used are unfortunately rather wobbly and the leapfrog dual extruders are rather crude so replacing them with cheap hywin clones seemed the best option . 

I'm using a Bigtreetech Octopus board , with tmc2209 drivers, and their 3.5 inch touch screen.

The Saturn resin printer has found a good use printing various part. 

It's still a work in progress , and I have still to decide exactly what to do with the hot-end/extruder , other than I want it to be easily removable and swapable with other work heads (hence what you see in the pictures are just place holders for the yet-to-be-designed parts).

Hey Bill

That's cool! I did not know Leapfrog even made a 3D printer. I like the core XY design... I hopefully I will be on my way to building one soon as well.


Having fun with some extreme belt resonance ATM.

Not sure if I should add tension or let it off   - seems OK at slow speeds but much above G0 F15000 starts it honking like a mule  and then it quietens down at 20000 again (both way too fast to print but rapid moves are at this speed)

More tuning required

I really did not think this would work as an MLSA part, so just  printed the one half of the aluminium parts as is.

So what we have here, is a geared extruder  (5:1) using a tiny 35mm stepper from a 8" disk-drive . I have replace one end cap with a 3d printed part (with the intension of replacing both end caps). It'll have a couple of bond-tech type grippers and a sprung lever to pinch the filament

The large gear (80T) is printed while the small gear , 16T, is a nylon(?) part from some random printer scrap . I have a 3d printed 16T gear with works but is a tight fit .

It required a little hand finishing to fit the stator exactly centred (the print was a little tight) and the bearing fits always require a slight clean-up.

Tadpole 2

Aligning two plastic stepper motor halves is somewhat more challenging , but with a little kinetic adjustment , it does work.

Now I have to finish the rest of the printer to try it out


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